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Why you need a coach

Can you achievour goals without a coach? If YES, whats stopping you?

Can you achieve your goals without one, if YES, whats stopping you?

A good personal training coach can support you to identify why you haven't achieved a goal, and can help put a plan in place to get you there. It sounds easy and something you can do yourself and it is; the only stumbling block will be what happens when life gets in the way? How many plans have you made on a Sunday night ready to change something on Monday for it to fall apart due to something unexpected. I've been there with a family, a young child, work and life, everything can change in an instant. A coach can be constant, no matter what else is going on they can keep you moving in the right direction sometimes making big steps, sometimes small steps but always moving towards.

Here are my 3 key reasons why a coach can help you:

Keeping you focused on what we have identified as important to you

A good coach should work with you to identify what you want to achieve. It is the client who should make their own goal and the coach is there to help and put a plan in place to try and make this goal a reality. This allows you to own the goal and the reason why it is important to you. The coach works out how you can get there together, helps you over come any road blocks and keeps you focused when life gets in the way. Remember there are never any new problems to be solved, they are just new to you.

Create a Winning Habit

There is nothing worse than doing everything right and still having a set back, whether it's the scales showing an increase in weight or you failing a new 1 rep Max lift. A coach should be able to explain why this happens and more importantly give you confidence that although it may not have gone your way today, in the grand scheme of the plan it does not matter. This confidence comes from the coach being open with you. Throughout your journey together your coach will be there to answer any of your questions so you understand why you are doing certain things and being there to support you if a set back does happen. When being coached you should have lots of small victories along the way, each one of these will create a winning habit, once you look back you will see that these little victories have added up to a bigger success.

Accountability -


We are creatures of habit so sometimes it takes someone from the outside looking in to question why we are doing something before we question it ourselves. Once habits have been identified that may not be supporting your goal, a personal training coach can keep you accountable to why you are keeping these habits and give you strategies to overcome them. In the long term a coach should have a plan in place to try and change your mindset to create sustainable changes in #habits in order to give you long term success. Think back to short term #diets, where you may have changed the way you have eaten to lose weight?In the short term this may be successful but once you go back to eating the way you used to the success fades away as the weight returns. Having a coach will help you remain accountable which ultimately will result to new successful habits to ensure life time changes.

Through Lowden Coaching I want to ensure we help you achieve your goals. I look forward to talking to you about them and how we can go about achieving them together. If you want to discuss this in more detail and feel my support will help you achieve your goals, whether that bee in fitness, nutrition or mindset coaching then please get in contact with me at #TeamLowden.



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