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Mindset / Wellness

I’m a firm believer in a growth mindset.

Chris lowden

Think you can, therefore you will.

Sometimes one of the biggest challenges with personal training is getting my clients to believe they can, especially if they’ve failed in the past. Subtle techniques and approaches, without you realising, is at the heart of my training and coaching, and will help you achieve your goals.


Although mindset training isn’t something I offer as a separate service, your happy in the knowledge it’s something I bring to all my coaching arms of nutrition and fitness coaching. Without the correct mindset, you may often struggle.

The power of yet

You’ll often hear me adding ‘yet’ onto the end of a statement

a client might make such as ‘I can’t do a pull up’… me: ‘yet’.

Believe to achieve

Chris lowden

What next?

Whether you’re wanting to improve your everyday fitness, train for a specific challenge, achieve a goal or focus on food for performance I can help.  If you’re ready to join #TeamLowden book a free session with myself and we will discuss your goals and outline a service suitable to achieving them.

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