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About me: Chris Lowden

Dad, husband, Personal Trainer, former rugby player, coffee lover, peanut butter addict and all with a terrible choice in music (according to my class members).

Think you can, therefore you will.

Chris lowden

My background

I’m a dad and husband first and fore-most. I understand the work-life-family-training battle the average household has. 


The demands of balancing a young family with my wife, school runs and after school activities, meal prepping, work/coaching clients, attending further education in business and fitness, and having time for myself is a juggle, and one I understand fully that many of my clients face.  I get life is busy, and I plan my member’s programs and sessionsto reflect their life and circumstances.




My TRansformation

You’ve got the gist by now I’m a Coach, CrossFit Athlete and PT. I’m actually a dedicated coach at The Movement Lab in Preston.


I get to workout and train with some of my family and friends day-in and day-out. Life is pretty good.


This wasn’t the start of my fitness journey.


➱ Ba(hons) Sport Development

➱ Level 1 Precision Nutrition

➱ CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

➱ Level 3 Personal Training

➱ England Rugby Community Coach

I hold a Ba(hons) in Sport Development from UCLAN, where I focused greatly on Rugby. Through Rugby I’ve played at a semi-professional level for 12 years and held the privilege of being an England Rugby Community Coach for several years. My journey through rugby is where I weighed my heaviest at 110kg. Although this was OK for rugby (at times), it took its toll on my fitness and performance.

For over six years I was a coach at CrossFit Leyland before moving to The Movement Lab in Preston. This is where, through my love of training and education on nutrition, I’ve lost over 20kg and my performance in fitness has never been as good. I dedicated time to learning more about nutrition, by putting in hard-work while coaching, working full-time and being supportive in my family life, which resulted in gaining my Precision Nutrition Qualification. And my journey into specialist personal training and coaching evolved.

Baby Beat Appeal

My son was born prematurely, 10 weeks in fact, and could fit into my hand. He was fragile and fighting for his life. The Baby Beat Unit at Royal Preston Hospital were pivotal in helping him become a strong little fighter, and give my wife and I the support we needed at that difficult time. Now I’m proud to say he is a strong, healthy toddler often seen cheering on a weekend class at the box. I’m proud to support The Baby Beat Appeal charity.  

What next?

Whether you’re wanting to improve your everyday fitness, train for a specific challenge, achieve a goal or focus on food for performance I can help.  If you’re ready to join #TeamLowden book a free session with myself and we will discuss your goals and outline a service suitable to achieving them.

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