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nutrition advice

I love food. Who doesn’t? It fuels my body, it helps my wellness and progresses my training. It’s taken me a long time to get the balance of food for performance correct and with my own food battles and journey behind me, paired with my Precision Nutrition Qualification I’m able to help you focus your food for your fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for an online nutrition program, one-to-one nutrition chat, advice on how the right nutrition will fuel your performance or want a tailored nutrition plan, get in touch.

Nutrition support is available in a few formats

You may be surprised to find out how many times I’ve advised clients to eat more, not less, for weight loss and training. Just recently a nutrition client wasn’t fuelling enough after a workout, so with a few fitness pieces of advice and ideas for on-the-go refuelling, their fatigue, performance and recovery were improved. Sometimes it’s the little habit changes that can make all the difference.

nutrition services



This can be over the phone, by email or in person. Whatever suits you. From this consultation we will discover the right path for to help you achieve your goals. Book a nutrition consultation.

Online & In Person

Group nutrition talks
/ seminars

I regularly hold dedicated nutrition evening talks at my local box. The talks are more informal, with an overview of nutrition for fitness with a detailed Q&A. Please email myself if you’re interested in knowing the next upcoming dates and times. 

Part of Personal
Training & Coaching

The typical way I advise on nutrition is part of a full personal training package. Along with dedicated fitness coaching and programming, I can also advise on the best caloric intake, nutritional balance and goals to enhance the performance or fitness goals of my team. Book online now for a free consultation, or schedule your first personal training session with me.

What next?

Whether you’re wanting to improve your everyday fitness, train for a specific challenge, achieve a goal or focus on food for performance I can help.  If you’re ready to join #TeamLowden book a free session with myself and we will discuss your goals and outline a service suitable to achieving them.

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