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Personal training

I’m here to give you the foundations for a better workout, achieve that pull up you’ve been wishing to get, push you past your existing expectations or help your endurance sky rocket!  Many of my clients approach me to train with a goal in mind such as rowing competitions, obstacle races or fitness  competitions likes of; Battle of Britain, or the ever-so-popular Rainhill Trails in the North West.

Single Session
skills workshop

Sometimes you may just need some dedicated one-to-one and hands-on skills work for a particular movement, lift, skill or gymnasitc elements. If this is the case, then a single session skills workshop is ideal for you. One session, focused 100% on a skill. 

personal training

The heart of my coaching. Includes all aspects of training from your consultation to ten week plans for one-to-one sessions, nutrition advice, supporting home workouts and dedicated support group access.

Sessions are tailored to your goal to maximise the hour session. I don't use off-the-shelf workout plans, which are repeated for 6 week blocks. Your time, your goal, your dedicated plan. 

Group tailored

Training with friends who have the same goal can be as effective as training one-on-one. 

I offer a range of group training sessions for up to 8 people, which are tailored to your group's central goal such as achieving pull ups through to completing your first obstacle race. 

PT services

Apps to success

All of my personal training members are invited to be part of a dedicated support group, as well as get access to programming and coaching via the Fitr App, and tailor your diet MyFitness Pal App (free for you to use). I can also check in on your nutrition using the for your goal. These apps help you be mindful, accountable and ultimately successful (for free!).

What next?

Whether you’re wanting to improve your everyday fitness, train for a specific challenge, achieve a goal or focus on food for performance I can help.  If you’re ready to join #TeamLowden book a free session with myself and we will discuss your goals and outline a service suitable to achieving them.

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