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Reasons to be active

I’m often asked what motivates me, or why I am so ‘active’, and sometimes, of course, I might be training for a specific competition, but I can honestly say it’s to make every day easier and make sure my future years are healthy and fit with my family.

Just progressing through everyday movements with good technique, from picking up a wall ball/medicine ball properly to squatting correctly helps with gardening, getting in-out of the car and making the walk up those 10 flights of stairs in the office easier.

Being active has a range of benefits, not just to lose weight and gain those bicep guns but;

  • reduces chances of a heart attack as you condition your heart to work effectively during activities

  • lowers your chances of falling/tripping as your working on balance, stability and lifting your legs better

  • can increase energy levels overall

  • lowers cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and blood pressure

  • can help strengthen bones, joints and your muscle groups - which in turns helps with osteoporosis

  • and most importantly, help with mental health

The Masters 55+ class at my CrossFit box, at CrossFit Leyland, is one of my favourite classes to coach, as they really do embrace moving better, being active and just making everyday easier!

So no matter your age, ability or fitness level, pop me over an email or give me a call and we can discuss your goals, whether that’s to just feel less sore the day after a hilly walk in the Lakes with the dogs, or to take on your first CrossFit competition. Get in touch with me, Chris Lowden on...



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