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Protein counting with lean options

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

I wanted to put together a simple go to list of how to count protein in terms of calories, but more importantly how much protein you can get per weight of food source such as a chicken breast or egg. So this week I’ve put together a quick help sheet about the basics and some lean protein source options if you’re on a weight loss journey, or wanting to sneak some protein in without the calorie cost.

Let’s set the groundwork first: 1g of protein is circa 4 calories, but 100g of chicken breast isn’t a 100g of protein.

And when you’re calculating protein grams and calories, make sure to do it in the uncooked raw weight. As the dressings, cooking methods or oils you use will of course affect the overall calories.

Key protein options:

  • 100g of raw weight of beef, chicken, pork and lamb will yield approximately 20-25g of protein

  • 100g of raw fish will be circa 20-25g protein

  • A whole large egg is 8g protein and 5g of fat (good fat though!)

  • Just the egg white is 4g of protein (and very little fat)

But don’t just think with meat you’re getting protein, as different cuts will have a fat calorie count as well. So if you’re in need of leaner, yet protein packed options, then give this list a go.

Lean protein options:

  • Skinless chicken breast - takes out the fat and leaves the protein

  • Oats!

  • Tofu - see my recipe for scrambled tofu

  • Tinned tuna - easily eaten on the go!

  • Glass of soya or dairy milk - 100ml of semi-skimmed milk is circa 45-50 calories with 3.6g protein, while 100ml of a brand such as Alpro original soya milk is circa 40 calories with 3g of protein.

  • Low-fat greek yogurt - mix with some oats to increase your protein

  • Protein shake - love them or hate them, they can be a quick solution with many brands bringing 20-25g protein per 100 calories.

  • White fish such as plaice vs a fillet of salmon - still as tasty, sill filled with essential oils, but a little less calorific.

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