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how to count alcohol

With Christmas approaching, there are more party and social occasions to go to where drinks will be offered and your nutrition will be tested.

Have a look at the breakdown below to see how your choice of drink can affect your nutrition.

1g Alcohol ~=7kCal

It is difficult to make simplifications for alcohol, especially beer, as each drink will vary. Here is a rough idea:

Beer @5%: ~150kCal, ~12g carbs, ~14g alcohol (per 12floz/350ml can/bottle)

White wine @10%: ~200kCal, ~7g carbs, ~25g alcohol (250g glass, 1/3 bottle)

Red wine @10%: ~210kCal, 9g carbs~25g alcohol

Spirit shot @40%: 70/84kCal (25ml/1fl.oz)

You can look up your favorite beer (or other alcohol) here.

Most generic spirits will be 40% alcohol with no other macro content. You take the amount you drink, multiply by the alcohol content, then multiply by the calories per gram of alcohol.So if you have 4 European shots (25ml) that’s 100ml, 100g; 100×0.4×7 = 280kCal. Deduct the carbs from your allowance for the day.

Alcohol isn’t part of your three macro targets, but it is going to count towards the daily calorie balance which needs to be maintained, so reduce your carb and fat intake accordingly.

At Lowden Coaching we want to ensure we help you achieve your goals physically and mentally. I look forward to talking to you about them and how we can go about achieving them together. If you want to discuss this in more detail and feel my support will help you achieve your goals, whether that be in fitness, nutrition or mindset coaching then please get in contact with me at #TeamLowden.



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