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A Training mum

Before I had my little boy Thomas who is now 3 years of age, I was a keen hockey player and CrossFit Athlete and attended the gym around 3-4 times a week. Although I had to stop hockey training whilst pregnant I was able to continue to do more #CrossFit Training. I was actually training on the Monday before Thomas arrived just a few days later on the Thursday. All the training can be scaled or adapted to suit you and your current level of fitness or situation.

Once we were home I remembered I was so keen to get back into training and eat well again but I was just so tired. I am sure all mums can relate, what a shock to the system that was!! Anyhow 10 weeks later I picked myself up and was back at the gym, Thomas in tow in the buggy whilst I worked out.

It was amazing to be back at the gym and I started to feel like the old me again. I started just a few times a week and within a few months I was back to training 4/5 times a week. That one hour every other day became one of my favourite times of the week and it is ok to admit that!! It allowed me for that time to focus on what I wanted, which was to be fit again, strong and of course get my body back to how it once was or better.

Being a #mum is hard, everything all of a sudden is about your child and you don’t seem to have any time to look after yourself. That’s why that one hour a day a few times a week is so beneficial, it is time for you, for that one hour it is ALL about you!

Chris started to monitor my food and give me guidance on my calorie intake. I don’t take my food too seriously as I do like a cake or two! but I always make sure I eat enough calories to allow me to train the way I do and that I eat enough of the right thing. For a quick family meal see our Fajita food hack blog.

Now Thomas is 3, I have more time to myself as he is at nursery 3 days a week. I now train around 5 times a week and take more care with my nutrition. I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I was before and I am more confident and happy. The way you feel rubs off on your children, so make sure you’re happy with you, and if that means you need an hour to yourself a few times a week then do it!

Training has changed my life, that may sound cheesy but it’s true. Chris Lowden, the owner of #Lowdencoaching, you may have already guessed, is my husband. With his support my training has progressed and my general health had improved and continues to each day.

If you are a parent but still want to do something for yourself, join Team Lowden. Were here to guide you in any way we can whether that's your mind set, nutrition or fitness. We understand family life, how hard it is to fit in work, children, date night and also time for you!


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