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Nutrition advice & Coaching

From nutrition talks to online coaching, nutrition advice and macro tweaking so you can reach your goals.

Progress is

the sum of

your efforts

day in - day out




Chris Lowden

I’m a dad, a husband a CrossFit level 2 trainer, a personal trainer, a nutrition coach and a rugby coach. I train five days out of seven, and coach seven days a week; I’m always doing something! Just like my own life, I get your life is busy, and I plan your fitness and/or nutrition program to reflect your life and circumstances. My website is here to help you and offers lots of insiders tips, so to find out more book your personal training session today and have a look through my blogs on fitness and nutrition

Want to know more?

Book a free chat with me today to discuss your goals and the services I have to offer that are suitable for your fitness and health aspirations.

I firmly believe that with hard
work, anything is possible.

My clients prove me right every day.

Chris Lowden


I offer a range of services from one-to-one personal training in the Leyland, Chorley and Preston areas as well as online nutrition and workout programming.

Click on the service you're interested in to learn more about how I can help you. 


SUCCESS Snippets

"The training was hard but I felt that I was learning more at each session and making improvements throughout"

Mike, 57

"Personal focus and fun atmosphere"

Samantha, 28

"Very informative and surprising information in terms of carb intake and timing"

Gavin, 38

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